SLP0905: Antibiotic substance group active against systemic MRSA and Streptococcus infections for HCAP indications

Target Indication:
Systemic Gram positive infections e.g. Infectious Endocarditis and Healthcare
Associated Pneumonia (HCAP)

Stage: Preclinical – Entering Phase I in 2014/2015

Chemistry: First in class small molecule <500MWT

Potency: MIC of <1.0µg/ml against multi-drug resistant Staph. Aureus, VRE and Streptococci

Antibiotic spectrum: Gram-positive VRE, Streptococci, MRSA, MSSA

Safety: Low toxicity

PK/PD: PK profiles in-vivo, with an efficacy of 0.125 mg/kg. The PK profile allows improved in vivo efficacy with around 2.5 hour half life time in-vivo (index 10x above MIC), by an once a day administration.

Production: Low production costs (cheap and easy chemistry)

Mode of action: Addresses multiple targets – No cross-resistance expected

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