SeaLife Pharma – new generation of R&D

Sealife is a leading marine biopharma company pioneering the discovery and development of
novel biochemistry isolated from the under-explored biological diversity of marine fungi.

Our core focus is to develop novel antibiotics to treat multi-drug resistant Gram negative and Gram positive infections e.g. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter baumanii, Penicillin resistant Streptococci pneumoniae (PRSP), MRSA and Vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE).
In addition, Sealife has discovery and development activities in the development of antimicrobials and disinfection agents.

With its combinatory screening platform, Sealife is able to confirm the antibiotic activity of candidate substances against a broad spectrum of relevant clinical pathogens. In order to fully incorporate the current resistance issues, the platform focuses on relevant drug-resistant strains isolated from clinical samples.

Company History
• Founded in 2008 by 5 private investors
• First grants from Accent NÖ and aws (pre-seed) in 2008
• Setup of synthetic and analytical chemistry as well as microbial and cell biology laboratories at the
  Technopark campus in Tulln
• Secured seed funding of € 2,0 mio from tecnet equity and PP Capital
• Secured FFG Basic grant program for R&D activities in May 2011
• Participation in leading European Marine Research Projects PHARMASEA and MaCuMBA since 2014
• Secured second FFG basic grant in May 2015 to support development of SeaLife’s polymeric agent
  to enter market as new active substance in the Biocide/MedTech industry
• Capital increase from shareholder funds of T€ 800 in July 2015