Blue ecology for red pharmacy

Sealife Pharma GmbH is a cutting edge biopharma business addressing the development of first
in class antibiotics targeting multi-drug resistant pathogens, an area of high unmet medical need.

The Company is particular focused on the development of first in class Gram negative and Gram positive antibiotics based on the unique chemistry of the world’s oceans.

Sealife has developed a unique “biological” screening approach, “Ecotargeting®”, to systematically identify future drug candidates more efficiently and effectively than by conventional random natural product screening collections. Instead of indiscriminate screening of a multitude of organisms, Sealife has identified promising marine fungal candidates through exploiting key characteristics in their biology and ecology under conditions of physiological stress, heavy competition or predator and pathogen pressure.

Taking into account that all active substances serve a function in the organism’s chemical defence ecology, Sealife has been able to increase the probability of finding new antibiotic substances in high quantity and quality.